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Oaxaca Revisted Old Fashioned

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We’ve long yearned to create our own take on the Oaxacan Old Fashioned (usually made with a split base of tequila and mezcal) – something unique and complex, yet true to the modern classic we dearly love. In our lab (read: our kitchens), we’ve mixed and rejiggered this cocktail for more than a year: an Oaxacan Old Fashioned gone awry, reborn anew with the help of some rye-based gin. St. George’s Dry Rye Reposado Gin means every syllable of its wordy name: a phenomenal hybrid of the delightful herbaceousness of gin with the woody-spice notes of mellow rye whiskey. Blending it with the lighter, brighter Verde Mezcal yielded a whole new kind of spirit – the duet of two very distinct types of herbal notes, the full-bodied woodiness of the gin mingling with the ethereally light smoke of the mezcal, all combining into a cocktail base ripe for an Old Fashioned.

A split-base cocktail benefits from some solid support to hold it all together – preferably with a light touch. And so, we found the perfect trio to hold together our duo of spirits. First, a scant measure of Pink House Alchemy Toasted Caramel Syrup – binding the sweet whiskey-like flavors to the roasted notes of mezcal. Followed by a few dashes of Miracle Mile Chocolate Chili bitters – echoing the cocoa spice of rye, and mixing seamlessly with the caramel. For the last bit – a few drops of homemade saline solution. This mixology staple works just like a pinch of salt in a favorite dish, bring some much-needed contrast and making the flavors truly pop.

The result is a rich and indulgent Old Fashioned. On the one hand, sweet and woody, on the other, herbal and briny – reminiscent of a stroll through an old waterfront Salt Water Taffy shop. Barrels of tootsie rolls blend with musty spirit and wisps of smoke, finishing with a bit of Mexican chocolate. All of this still calls to mind the first Oaxacan Old Fashioned we ever sipped. It may be even less old-fashioned, but it’s a delight all the same!

Kit includes: St George Dry Rye Reposado Gin (750 ml), Mezcal Verde Momento Mezcal (200 ml), Pink House Toasted Caramel Syrup (16 oz), Miracle Mile Chocolate Chili Bitters (4 oz), Amber Dropper Bottle.