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The Great Negroni Reset Kit


Sometimes in the life of a dedicated Negroni drinker, it's time for a reset. You've been stepping out, trying all of the latest obscure liqueurs and barrel-aged gins, making variations that question the very notion of what a Negroni is or should be. And then you wake up one day, you're exhausted, and you realize it's time for the Great Negroni Reset.

One of the newest options out of Italy is Carpano's Botanic Bitter, which has quickly become a store favorite for use in really classic interpretations of the Negroni.  Because of Carpano's "diet Negroni" approach (it uses only half the amount of sugar as Campari), we were able to have a lot of fun pairing it with one of our favorite vermouths, Tenuta Tamburnin Rosso. It is a lush, fruity, and spicy number hailing from just outside Torino in Italy's Piedmont region, the undisputed center of traditional Italian vermouth production. To support these Italian stallions, we're again sticking with a pretty classic interpretation on the Gin front: Sipsmith.  The gin itself is as classic as a London dry can be, with Juniper proudly front and center, alongside a supporting cast of coriander, angelica, licorice, orris, almond, cinnamon, and lemon and orange peels.

Our kit includes:  Tenuta Tamburnin Rosso (750 ml), Carpano's Botanic Bitter (1 L), Sipsmith Dry London Gin (750 ml), and recipe card