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Made in California

  • LO-FI Gentian Amaro
    Lo-Fi Aperitifs

    LO-FI Gentian Amaro

    13 reviews

    Sweet citrus fruit with hints of ginger, flowers and spices, supported by cinchona bark and bitter roots. Adds refreshing fruit flavors and crisp b...

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  • Haymaker’s Vodka
    Ventura Spirits

    Haymaker’s Vodka

    1 review

    Good farmers make hay while the sun shines. Good distillers seize the chance to transform surplus produce into delicious spirits. A lively vodka wi...

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  • St George Terroir Gin
    St George Spirits

    St George Terroir Gin

    8 reviews

    One of the most aromatic and complex gins out there, St. George Terroir Gin pulls inspiration from the California landscape (particularly Mount Tam...

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  • Gray Whale Gin
    Golden State Distillery

    Gray Whale Gin

    3 reviews

    Every year the California Gray Whale makes a 12,000 mile migration from the warm lagoons of the Baja Peninsula to the cool waters of the Arctic. Th...

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  • Ventura Wilder Gin
    Ventura Wilder Gin
    Ventura Spirits

    Ventura Wilder Gin

    from $3.00
    7 reviews

    Distilled from wild-harvested California botanicals including sagebrush, purple sage, bay, yerba santa, mandarin peel and chuchupate. Dynamic mix b...

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  • Bixby Dry Gin
    Lloyd Distillery

    Bixby Dry Gin

    4 reviews

    A tribute to the forthright juniper, citrus, coriander and orris. However, California inspiration weighs heavily. Like a springtime hike in Big Sur...

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  • Bertoux Brandy
    Bertoux Distillers

    Bertoux Brandy


    An elegant blend of pot‑distilled California Brandies, aged from three to seven years in French and American oak. The brandy showcases vibrancy, el...

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  • Malahat White Rum
    Malahat Spirits Co

    Malahat White Rum

    1 review

    Malahat experimented with every molasses they could find, in combination with every yeast they thought might work, distilling each on an experiment...

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  • Home Base Bourbon
    Home Base Spirits

    Home Base Bourbon

    5 reviews

    Made with corn, rye and lots of malted barley this whiskey is aged in new American oak barrels at char 3, allowing the flavors from the high malt c...

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