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Shop Our Store Picks!

The Not Tito's Vodka Set

In a world full of tall tales and omitted truths, a high quality, authentically crafted, and transparently produced vodka can be as refreshing as the Cape Codder you mix it into. And while the folks at Tito's bottle a neutral grain spirit enjoyed by folks on a massive scale - some umbrage has been taken by the handmade in Texas tagline. This trio of fantastic vodkas is proudly made from start to finish exactly where they say it is, from the potatoes grown and distilled in Idaho that go into Blue Ice, to the touch of Bartlett Pears that add the incredible body and subtle flavor of St George All Purpose, and finally the organic, California-grown red winter wheat of Spirit Works.

Set includes: Blue Ice American Vodka (750 ml), St George All Purpose Vodka (750 ml), and Spirit Works Vodka (750 ml)