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American Aperitif Set

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The 30-hour work week, the metric system, Aperitivo hour - just a few of the brilliant European inventions us Americans are still working on getting our heads around. Why not duck out of work early, pour yourself 75 ml, and set out the snacks with our favorite American aperitif producers - combining old world style refreshment with modern flavors and balance.

Set Includes:

Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro: A perennial (and local) favorite at Bitters & Bottles, this gorgeously deep pink-purple hues number is always a crowd pleaser. Sweet citrus fruit with hints of ginger, flowers and spices, supported by cinchona bark and bitter roots. Adds refreshing fruit flavors and crisp bitterness to a variety of cocktails. Pairs with sparkling wine, bourbon, rye whiskey, and spirit forward drinks. (750 ml)

Angeleno California Amaro: Oranges! Sunshine! A complex mix of powerful citrus, soft herbal aromas, ripe fruit, and bitter roots. Ingredients include exotic botanicals and Southern California oranges. A great option for those who don’t want to stray too far in their Spritz replacement, but want just a little more. (750 ml)

Forthave Red Aperitivo Liqueur: A bittersweet aperitivo infused with 13 botanicals including orange, chamomile, rose buds, rose hips and rhubarb root. Somewhere in between Aperol and Campari in character and bitterness, with a hell of a lot more complexity than either. Perfect mixed with soda water or grapefruit juice, on the rocks with lime, in a Spritz, or in a Negroni. (750 ml)