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Beehive Distilling Jack Rabbit Gin

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Utah-based Beehive Distilling only makes gin, and when it opened in 2013, it was the first gin distillery in Utah since 1870. Produced using traditional techniques and a few newfangled botanicals. Jack Rabbit is produced on a small hybrid column still. Crushed Albanian juniper, orris root, grain of paradise and coriander are macerated in neutral spirits for 24 hours before redistilling. During distillation, fresh sage, rose petals and lemon zest are added to the gin basket for vapor infusing; the resulting distillate is proofed to 45%. Three runs off of the still are combined for each batch, and prior to bottling, the runs are rested for one week in a holding tank, allowing the flavors to bind.

This is a racy gin, the nose is floral with rose, a touch of dried herbs, and a hint of sweet candied lemon peel. The palate is bold with red pepper, earthy juniper berries, cardamom, violet, and rosewater. The sage influence is profound and lasting, a deep vegetal character studded with white pepper, mint, basil, orris root, and licorice.