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Shop Our Store Picks!

Black Manhattan Kit

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The Black Manhattan, just as suave and dapper as it's classic brother, is just a bit more dark and brooding - more likely to wax on about Nietzsche than the Stock Market, and boy do we love him for it. Created in 2005 at San Francisco's Bourbon and Branch, the original calls for Sicilian Averna in place of sweet vermouth, but since it's creation the Amaro slot is just as likely to be filled by any number of candidates, much like there is no set vermouth for a classic Manhattan. This version employs newcomer Brucato Woodlands, bringing the San Francisco drink full circle with a local amaro. The dark notes of fig, elderberry, cacao, and bitter orange make it a perfect fit, with Woodinville's spicy, fruity, and honeyed 100% rye whiskey giving it a solid foundation to build on. Includes one 750 ml bottle of Brucato Woodlands, one 750 ml bottle of Woodinville Rye Whiskey, one 5 oz bottle of Scrappy's Orange Bitters, and a recipe card.