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Bonanto Ultimate Aperitivo Liqueur

2 reviews
Bonanto is the result of a selection of more than 30 botanicals carefully chosen and macerated at their aromatic peak. Among its special ingredients are wormwood and Mediterranean plants like bay leaf, basil and thyme, as well as a selection of citrus fruits that enhance its freshness, and cherry distillate and apple that give it its unique personality.

A lovely floral, ginger and cherry-scented nose, this is an aroma of early summer and this bittersweet aperitivo works well on its own or over shaved ice, mixed with a splash of seltzer with an orange slice, or in a stirred cocktail like a Negroni. With a smooth and sweet entry into the palate,its low sugar content and smooth texture give it subtlety and airiness, while it maintains a persistent velvetyfeel in the mouth.