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Bordiga Dilei Amaro

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Bordiga creates their Amari according to ancient recipes, with infusions of precious spices, herbs, and flowers that come mostly from the surrounding Occitan Alps, and which are still collected by hand, dried, and naturally preserved by the mountain dwellers living there. The climate, influenced by the mountains and by proximity to the ocean, creates herbs that are particularly rich in essential oils and aromas.

Named after Caffe Di Lei, a famous bar in historic Cuneo. The infusions, lasting between 20 and 50 days, are all done as individual botanicals and rested for at least 60 days before the final blending. Herbs in the Dilei Amaro include two types of gentian, achillea erba-rotta, juniper, and white genepy. Absurdly pleasant and well balanced, this amaro is particularly easy to appreciate. Light notes of honey, citrus, bitter orange, and tea, with a long light bitter finish.