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Bresca Dorado Mirto di Sardegna Liqueur

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Wild myrtle bushes grow all over the island of Sardinia. Their berries are fruity in flavor but also distinctively spicy. Mirto is the classic liqueur and digestivo from Sardinia, made from an infusion of myrtle berries. Bresca Dorada’s Mirto berries are harvested by hand in the inland parts of the island, mostly from wild plants. The berries are macerated for at least three months, to give a slow and complete extraction of aromatic substances. The only additions are sugar, honey (up to 10% of the sweetener, more would give too much of a honey flavor), and water. The flavor is fruity, spicy, and very distinctive, not too sweet.

Bresca Dorada Mirto is different from many other examples of Mirto. More berries are used than is normal. The honey used to sweeten allows for less sugar to be used. And it is completely natural, with no added flavoring, coloring, or stabilizers.