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Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon

19 reviews

Buffalo Trace's namesake bourbon is considered the “gateway” that opens up the path to everything else Buffalo Trace. BT, like Eagle Rare 10 and Stagg Jr, is made from the lower-rye content mash #1. With the same mash, the variance between bourbons then, apart from proof, primarily comes from barrel selection across various rickhouses and floors. The former George T. Stagg distillery was renamed Buffalo Trace when Sazerac took over ownership in 1999. Master Distiller, Elmer T. Lee, came out of retirement for the creation of the Buffalo Trace Bourbon which was released later that same year.

The aroma is sweet, with vanilla, Heath candy bars and barrel spices. The palate contains a mixture of brown sugar, honey, caramel, corn, and bready sweetness with charred wood, mint, anise, peppercorns, spiced apples, and tobacco. The finish is full of New Jersey sweet corn, with the wood and peppercorn flavors also turned-up a little, continuing into the finish.