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Bull Run 14 Year Pinot Noir American Whiskey

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Bull Run is a distillery and merchant bottler in Portland, Oregon, founded by Lee Medoff in 2010. Medoff previously founded House Spirits Distillery in 2004 where he found success with his Medeyoff Vodka and Aviation Gin. Bull Run was opened with the goal to produce Oregon Malt Whiskey, but has since expanded their purview to include merchant bottlings of American whisky styles as well, sourced from Indiana's MGP. This 14 year old bottling is "light whiskey", a type of whiskey distilled to a higher than normal proof and then aged in used oak instead of new, imparting less intense vanilla and spice elements. For this bottling, that light whiskey was aged for 14 years before spending an additional 7 months in Oregon Pinot Noir casks, imparting a deep fruity richness. 

Notes of eucalyptus, and a hint of mint up front. Leading to creamy vanilla and slight tobacco notes. Finishes like a dry red wine with a hint of bittersweet chocolate and orange. Bottled at 47.73% abv.