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Citadelle Gin

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Citadelle Gin is half revival, half innovation: the revival is a recipe based on one of the first gins produced in France at the “Citadelle.” The innovation is the where and the how. Maison Ferrand Distillery and the SW corner of France is best known for its Cognac, instead of letting their stills sit idle during the long offseason when they legally couldn’t distill Cognac, they decided to make gin.

On the nose, juniper is prominent with sweet orange and coriander loosely behind, then a refreshing green note from the cardamom in the mix. To taste, juniper and citrus are again apparent upfront. The finish is what sets Citadelle Gin apart: really bright, a touch sweet and strongly aromatic: cardamom, angelica, nutmeg, a wide array of baking spices which melds into zesty licorice on the finish.