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Shop Our Store Picks!

Distilled to Proof Tequila Flight

Tequila is almost always bottled at the (U.S.) minimum of 40% abv, and for most people and most situations that is perfectly suitable. But in the modern spirits and cocktail craze, and for those coming from the world of higher proof spirits, it would seem more is truly more. This flight showcases blancos that are all bottled at or near full proof, without diluting to traditional "drinking strength", which means they retain so much more of the raw agave character as well as a more viscous palate. This is great for those seeking the full experience of the distillate, but also translates to stellar cocktails, with a punchier character that won't get buried by other ingredients.

Includes: Fortaleza Still Strength Blanco (750 ml), Gran Dovejo High Proof Blanco (750 ml), Cascahuin Plata 48 Tequila (750 ml)