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Doc Pepe Cask Strength Negroni Cocktail


At Doc Pèpe’s "Lab" in Monterey, California, Cellar Master Christian Pèpe, known as Doc Pèpe, blends classic cocktails in carefully selected oak barrels where they are allowed to mellow and mature. These Single-Barrel cocktails are prepared according to the classic recipes and are aged in oak barrels based on the flavors of their previous contents. 

The Negroni is prepared according to the classic recipe invented in Florence, Italy in 1919. A bittersweet mixture of London Dry Gin, Bitter Orange Liqueur, and Sweet Vermouth is blended in a used Kentucky Bourbon barrel and left to mellow and combine. Over time, the Negroni extracts vanilla and spice notes from the barrel, and develops a silky texture and smooth finish.