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Doc Pepe Cuvée Reserve Old Fashioned Cocktail

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At Doc Pèpe’s "Lab" in Monterey, California, Cellar Master Christian Pèpe, known as Doc Pèpe, blends classic cocktails in carefully selected oak barrels where they are allowed to mellow and mature. These Single-Barrel cocktails are prepared according to the classic recipes and are aged in oak barrels based on the flavors of their previous contents. 

The "Cuvee Reserve" Old Fashioned Cocktail is made with American rye whiskey, aromatic bitters, with orange and black cherry flavors. The Old Fashioned is aged in imported Caribbean Rum barrels for about 100 days before being bottled. During that brief aging, the Old Fashioned extracts vanilla and spice notes from the barrel, and develops a silky texture and smooth finish. The barrels are never completely emptied, so each bottling contains traces of every previous batch, creating a complex and rich flavor profile.