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Dudognon Reserve 10 Year Cognac

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Dudognon is one of the oldest and most respected estates in Cognac's heart: the Grande Champagne. Here the region's famous chalky soils create spirits with hard minerality and elegant finesse. The Dudognon vineyards are notable for not using pesticide or herbicide -- a relative anomaly in the region. The hands-off approach continues to the cellar and bottling, where the only addition is water. The reserve bottling is relatively light in color, with 10 years of age, and is unadulterated by any added caramel coloring.

The immediately recognizable delicate, pale straw color continues to the cognac's lovely, but understated aromas, sea salt, lemon skin, and violet over the rich butterscotch flavors of more manipulated brandies. The palate starts with tones of vanilla, French oak, and more floral tones. It then finishes with a fairly hard mineral/tannic kick. A very good cognac. Shows Grande Champagne's strength as a younger spirit without the handicapping of sugary additions.