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Shop Our Store Picks!

Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin

5 reviews

Four Pillars has added fresh finger native limes and fresh ginger to the original Rare Dry Gin recipe. Bringing bright citrus and delicious spice to the gin. Throwing in turmeric then added an earthy quality and weight to the palate.

The resulting gin, bottled at a mighty 58.8% ABV, is intense but still very pure, clean and balanced. We think it works perfectly in a simple G & T, or a classic Gimlet, a spicy Ginger Mule or Sour. A bartender's dream.

Four Pillars was awarded International Gin Producer of the Year at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in late 2019. Navy Strength Gin has been awarded Master status at the Global Gin Masters five times (2015 to 2019).