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Glen Scotia 15 Year Single Malt Scotch


From Campbeltown's "other" distillery, this 15 year old delight is certainly one of the region's best values. Founded in 1832, Glen Scotia once counted itself among the 21 in Campbeltown when it was considered the whisky capital of Scotland, a far cry from today when only three survive: Glen Scotia, Springbank, and Springbank owned Glengyle. The 15 year is aged entirely in ex-bourbon barrels, and is bottled at 46% without chill filtration. 

The nose is rich with apricot jam, apple pie and sweet icing sugar. Wafts of sea breeze and baking spices develop after a minute, tampering down the confectionary beginning. On the palate, gingerbread explodes out of the front immediately, along with vanilla, stone fruit, and a peppery spice. The finish is dry and spicy, and invites you back for more. A lovely and welcoming dram that has somehow flown under the radar for many years.