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Heaven Hill 7 Year Bottled in Bond Bourbon

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The origins of Heaven Hill’s eponymous Bottled-in-Bond brand dates to 1939, when upon release, it quickly became the number-one-selling Bourbon in Kentucky. The lineage of Heaven Hill Bourbon has been a constant throughout the company’s history, from the original 1939 4 Year Bottled-in-Bond to the 2018 release of Heaven Hill 27 Year. That heritage is once again celebrated with the release of Heaven Hill 7 Year Bottled-in-Bond. Made from Heaven Hill Distillery’s traditional Bourbon mashbill, mingled in small batches, and bottled at 100 proof, this 7-year-old offering of the namesake brand exceeds the minimum four-year aging requirement for a Bottled-in-Bond.

The extra ageing here is used to good effect. It's a very well-balanced bourbon, with a spice balanced by oak, vanilla, pecan, and caramel. The finish is sweet and long-lasting, making this enjoyable for sipping while also being well-suited to spirit-forward cocktails.

*Limit Two Per Customer Per Week