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Henri Bardouin Pastis Liqueur

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The perfect balance of 65 plants and spices, one plant is the basis of Pastis: anise. Drinks based on anise were traditionally made in families from plants available in the environment. These plants were placed to macerate in alcohol and the infusion obtained was used to give a scent to the water and to refresh. These recipes, more or less complex and varied from family to family, incorporated all anise plants (star anise, green anise, fennel, etc.). Drink as an aperitif, completed with water. Generally, six volumes of cold water are added for one volume of pastis.

On the nose the first anise note moves aside for plant aromas, then the more exotic spices, such as cardamom, melegueta pepper, Tonka bean, etc. On tasting the intensity is powerful and its aromatic profile is elegant, ending with a complex, spicy aromatic final note.