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Hepple High Fidelity Gin

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The nose is delicately spicy with lots of juniper. Green, piney-juniper, fir branch, with a bit of citrus tinged herbal notes beneath it. Absolutely and powerfully classic with a stunning aromatic profile. Sipped, Hepple begins with white pine needle, melon, lemon zest and lovage. Mid-palate this is a very classic and clean tasting gin. Hints of fennel seed and celery lead into a finish where subtle licorice backs a crisp juniper-forward finish. A hint of lemon comes through on the end as well. Finish is elegant and classic, one of the best dry gins to be had.

The gin's journey begins where other gins usually end: with a meticulously smooth, one-shot heart cut, like a classic London Dry.  Next, handpicked green juniper from Hepple is vacuum distilled to draw out the vibrant freshness of the young berries.  Finally
 using intense pressures of supercritical extraction, in a system usually reserved for fine perfumes, Hepple distills the pure essence of juniper berries – giving an exquisite depth of flavor. Combining these three distillates creates the “Triple Technique” – and the award-winning Hepple ‘High Fidelity’ Gin. Wild Juniper, captured fully and faithfully: as alive in the glass as it is in the moorland breeze.