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Home Base Bourbon

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Made with corn, rye and lots of malted barley this whiskey is aged in new American oak barrels at char 3, allowing the flavors from the high malt content - honey, maple, and nut - to compliment the caramel, toffee and vanilla notes typical of bourbons.

Batch 22 now in stock.

Aged 33 months in 30 gallon, medium char #3 new American Oak barrels, and bottled at 46% abv.  Distilled from 60% organic corn grown in Sacramento at Adams Grains, 30% malted barley grown in Oregon at Mecca Grade Estate Malts, and 10% organic rye grown at Adams Grains. Distilled February 2018 and aged in Oakland and Berkeley CA. Look for notes of french toast, cinnamon, butterscotch, caramel, toasted coconut, and grilled pineapple.