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Jefferson's Reserve Very Old Very Small Batch Bourbon

When Jefferson’s was first starting out, the Reserve was launched with a rich and complex 15-year-old bourbon. In 2003, they began to bring in other bourbons to marry with the original Jefferson’s Reserve, adding up to 3 more bourbons to create more flavor and complexities for a big, sophisticated bourbon that has a lot of flavor up front, a lot of weight mid palate and a deep, wonderful finish.

Still a blend of only 8 to 12 barrels per batch from bourbon recipes that  all use rye as the flavoring grain, at least some of those barrels are aged up to 20 years. The nose is balanced, with plenty of familiar cinnamon but enough sawed oak and dry tobacco notes to keep it from coming across overly spicy. Elegant as ever. On the palate, it’s honeyed and sweet with an initial wave of brown sugar and baking spice. The heat is nicely dialed in, providing the coveted “Kentucky hug.” Things soften and evolve on the mid-palate with savory pastry and stone fruit notes, peach cobbler almost, and creamy vanilla custard. The generous finish is all chewy caramels and vanilla bean with just a bit of barrel char. It’s a great bourbon at a fantastic price point.