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Kyro Dark Gin

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Kyrö is all-Finnish from start to… bottling. From the rye grain for the base distillate to the precisely chosen botanicals of meadowsweet, sea buckthorn, cranberries, and birch leaves. Why rye grain? Because that’s what grows all over Finland, and like rye bread, it lends a complex layer of spice. And those botanicals? They provide an intimately regional quality to this dry gin. There’s a lovely balance to the 12 chosen aromatics that’s very gimmick-free: you're not hit over the head with forest-meadow, yet the result tickles that magical sensory place that lures and lulls, with a wisp of summer memories: woody, warm, meadow berry-sweet, peppery-spicy, and citrusy-bright.

The Dark Gin is a lovely marriage of rye, locally sourced botanicals and American white oak cask maturation. The rye base and three months of barrel aging make it a natural fit for whisky drinkers, with a botanical profile that makes it shine in cocktails, from an old fashioned to a spicy spin on a classic G&T. With notes of orange peel and black pepper that complement the vanilla from the barrel and the heat from the rye, this is a must for those that find themselves always on the fence between gin and whisky. Bottled at 42.6% abv.