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Kyro Gin


Kyrö is all-Finnish from start to… bottling. From the rye grain for the base distillate to the precisely chosen botanicals of meadowsweet, sea buckthorn, cranberries, and birch leaves. Why rye grain? Because that’s what grows all over Finland, and like rye bread, it lends a complex layer of spice. And those botanicals? They provide an intimately regional quality to this dry gin. There’s a lovely balance to the 12 chosen aromatics that’s very gimmick-free: you're not hit over the head with forest-meadow, yet the result tickles that magical sensory place that lures and lulls, with a wisp of summer memories: woody, fresh, warm, meadow berry-sweet, and citrusy-bright.

On the nose, Kyrö is crisply fruity with cranberries and juniper. With the first sip, a red fruit profile blooms over a fresh pine backbone. An assertive citrus note follows, complimented by a light honey floral sweetness, and a hint of bitter melon. This summer symphony concludes with a return to juniper, coriander, and the peppery zing of rye spice. It is this complex profile that makes Kyrö such an ideal Gin & Tonic ingredient - in fact, it was selected by the International Wine & Spirits Competition as the best gin in the world for a G&T! The contrast of the quinine bitterness helps the fresh, crisp flavors shine through like corpuscular rays of a slow summer sunset.