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Last Word Chaparral Cocktail Kit

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One of the most popular vintage cocktails revived by the current cocktail renaissance, the Last Word was created at the speakeasy of the Detroit Athletic Club during prohibition, making it one of the few original drinks to survive our dark national experiment. It's also become a favorite of Bartenders to riff on, using its easy equal parts formula to get creative with all kinds of substitutions. But it's hard to beat the classic template, and it's hard to imagine this one being forgotten again. This version highlights Brucato's stellar Chaparral liqueur, a kind of Californian take on Green Chartreuse. The general profile is immediately recognizable to lovers of that complex and herbal classic, but with a slightly more subtle initial impression, with brighter, fruitier, and juicier notes on display. That fruit forward profile is balanced by the distinctly spicy and warm character of Maraska Maraschino liqueur, which is more lush, less bitter, and more baking spice heavy than it's more famous alternative, Luxardo. Along with the floral, citrusy, and unfiltered Cotswold's Dry Gin, you end up with a super creamy and complex Last Word, with less initial zing than the traditional take, but with perhaps more depth and complexity. Includes one 750 ml bottle of Brucato Chaparral, one 750 ml bottle of Maraska Maraschino Liqueur, one 750 ml bottle of Cotswolds Dry Gin, and a recipe card.