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Libélula Joven Tequila

3 reviews
This tequila was created as the best possible tequila for a margarita (although we think it's also great for sips and shots.) 100% Blue Weber Agave, it's blended from 4 parts column distilled Blanco and 1 part copper pot still distilled Reposado tequila. Produced by craft distillery Destilladora Bonanza located on the same estate as historic Casa San Matias and operated by the children of San Matias' legendary matriarch, Carmen Villarreal Trevino.

The blanco contains the pure flavors of the agave, with citrus and grassy aromas, while the oak aged reposado adds spice and richness. Rather than using just a short aged reposado that has light spice and loses some of the agave purity, Libelula opted to take perfect blanco and reposado and balance them to make an incredible mixing tequila.