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Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin

by Luxardo
10 reviews
Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin is an infusion of the brand’s gin distillate with their proprietary Marasca cherry juice. The result is a bright, rich, and sour taste that retains the strong juniper and spice of the original distillate. Each bottle is outfitted with an artisanal label designed to reflect 19th century Italy, further celebrating the family’s history. 37.5% ABV

Not to be mistaken for a sloe gin, Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin possesses a distinct spicy profile due to its bold selection of nine botanicals including cinchona, and cinnamon. Firm and dry on the palate, Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin integrates well with traditional cocktail modifiers without becoming overly sweet or cloying. The kirsch like fruitiness derived from the addition of fermented Marasca cherry juice is unmistakably Luxardo.