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Mal Bien Espadin Ramirez Mezcal

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The village of Yogana is located at the southern end of the Ejutla district of Oaxaca. Like all of his neighbors, Félix Ramirez is a full-time farmer. Unlike many of his neighbors, Félix is also a part-time mezcalero, working with several species of agave that he plants between rows of seasonal crops, and distills on equipment unique to Ejutla that allow his spirits to reach proof in a single pass.

His Espadin is cooked in a pre-hispanic style oven, traditionally tahona crushed, and is open fermented in cypress with well water. The single distillation to proof lends a wonderfully full body to this mezcal that retains tons of the beautiful earthy agave flavors that balance the smoke. Bottled at 46.01% abv.