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Neisson L'Espirit 70% Agricole Blanc Rhum

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Clear rhum agricole distilled from fermented fresh sugar cane juice. Unaged, rested prior to bottling. During the 6 month rhum season the maturity, fermentation and distillation vary slightly. When everything is perfect, Gregory puts the 72% alcohol by volume distillate aside to be bottled as the Spirit of Neisson. Only about 4000 liters of rhum that exhibit the most sugar cane flavor became Neisson L'Esprit.

Despite the high proof of L'Esprit, freshly-harvested sugar cane dominates the aroma and carries through the body highlighted with citrus, fruit and floral notes. The fresh sugar cane notes continue into the clean finish. Not available everywhere due to the low production volumes, Neisson L'Esprit is one of the last rhums distilled and bottled at a family-owned distillery on Martinique. Bottled at 70% alcohol by volume.