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Penelope Four Grain Straight Bourbon

2 reviews
Penelope Bourbon is a blend of three whiskeys - two rye mash bill bourbons and one heated bourbon, all are aged between 2-3 years in barrels that have a #4 char on the staves and a #2 char on the heads. The Bourbon is bottled non-chill-filtered to preserve the most flavor and character. And although they have a higher-proof version, this one is for sipping neat as is at 40% ABV, for an easy-drinking, all day or everyday bourbon that is smooth and light.

Balanced corn sweetness, caramel, warm vanilla, light oak, syrup, dynamic aroma profile with slight savory notes. On the palate, sweet corn grain with syrup and fruit, candied sweetness, mint, slight savory grain notes. Finishes with candied notes, a bit sweet, slight grain and oak, great balance, pleasant fruit after taste.