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Porter's Modern Classic Gin

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Porter's creates refined, high quality recipes that hold true to the classic categories of gin, while elevating through a rare cold-distillation process, which extracts the most delicate aromas and flavors of the botanicals used, for an elegant and unique spirit. The Modern is a classic London dry gin distilled with Buddha's hand citron, which bolsters the crisp juniper profile with bright zesty aromas and an almost floral character. This clean and smooth citrus profile is especially well suited for bright aperitifs like a French 75, long drinks, and refreshing highballs.

The Buddha's hand fruit guides the top notes of the gin, giving a unique citrus flavor that hovers delicately between lemon, grapefruit sherbert, and a just-ripe mandarin. Juniper instantly leaps up out of the bottle, filling the nose with a deep, rich berry to compliment the teasing citrus. Cassia, cinnamon and pink peppercorns, too. To taste, the cassia, cinnamon and pink peppercorns rush the tongue, filling the mouth with a sweet and gentle spice. The citrus medley comes through in the middle, while the bold juniper is present throughout but really pushes through to the finish and holds on the tongue long after the drink is finished – it’s a cooling, sweet edition of the berry and undoubtedly delicious. Bottled at 41.5% abv.