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Shop Our Store Picks!

The Ball Boy Kit


Everything you need to be a great ball boy. Basically, a spin on the Rob Roy, with St. George's Baller Whiskey at the center, whose lovely plum liqueur finish plays against the dark and full bodied Chinato vermouth, with it's notes of orange, vanilla, dark spice, and a light bitterness. On top of that, the plum and root beer bitters tie the two together, creating a recognizable but distinct spin on the classic Rob Roy that adds depth and refinement to the traditional recipe. Best enjoyed courtside with your best ball boy friends at Wimbledon. 

Kit includes one 750 ml bottle of St. George Baller Whiskey, one 750 ml bottle of Del Professore Chinato Vermouth, and one 120 ml bottle of Bittered Sling Plum and Root Beer bitters.