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Roger Groult Pays D'Auge 12 Year Calvados


Calvados has been produced at the "Clos de la Hurvanière” by the Groult family since 1860, and has been continually family operated since that time. Now the fifth generation, Jean-Roger, is at the helm, maintaining the ancestral methods (double pot distillation over a wood fire and "perpetual" blends). 

For their traditional range of Calvados, Groult employs the "perpetual" (or "solera") blending method: the barrels are never replaced and completely emptied, in order to keep a base of very old Calvados for each cuvée. The age mentioned on the label corresponds to the youngest vintage in the blend. The brandy is regularly transferred from one barrel to another, which promotes ventilation and oxidation.

The 12-year-old Calvados reveals floral, white-fleshed fruit and sweet spice aromas. With its slightly candied final notes, it will be ideal as a digestif at room temperature, or a perfect accompaniment to chocolate desserts. Bottled at 41% abv.