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Rum-Bar White Overproof Jamaica Pot Still Rum

Jamaica’s Worthy Park is a modern facility built circa 2005, offering the Rum-Bar brand in their home market. The distillery is a 100% pot-still operation, and their source molasses comes from their own sugar mill less than a mile away. The Rum-Bar White Overproof is a blend of three unaged rums. On the Jamaican funk scale, it sits nicely between Wray & Nephew Overproof, and Rum Fire.

"The nose is quite strong from the moment you open the bottle, bringing forth the traditional Jamaican “funk” of overripe bananas. In time, crisp apple notes and just a hint of leather appear through the ethanol vapors. The palate is dry, bracing, and very fruit-forward, turning grassy toward the end. This rum, at 126 proof, is obviously not intended as a fireside sipper, but rather is a vehicle for adding a wallop of hogo and alcohol to tropical cocktails. In that regard, it does a bang-up job." - Matt Pietrek