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Russell Henry Malaysian Lime Gin

Most “London Dry” gins are column-still spirits from corn, grains, or even sugar beets, flavored with juniper and other flavoring botanicals. Russell Henry uses a wheat-based neutral spirit redistilled on the Germain-Robin 16HL cognac still, and also on a small Holstein potstill, following infusion with juniper and several other aromatics, including coriander, orris root, and lemon peel. For this real-fruit version, Crispin infuses their "Lighter than Air" London Dry with the leaves and fruit of the limau purut, a deep-flavored lime native to Malaysia, before distilling once more and bottling.

Characterized by classic juniper forward aromas, this infused gin offers subtle hints of fruity limes on the nose. Dry and focused on the palate, the spice driven flavors are rich with minerals, lime zest, and mild spearmint. Impeccably balanced and refreshing.