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Shop Our Store Picks!

Saint Benevolence Haitian Clairin Rum

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Saint Benevolence Rum Clairin is Haiti’s premium ancestral sugarcane spirit. Handcrafted from a field blend of indigenous cane organically grown in the tropical climate of Saint Michel de l’Attalaye. (Varietals include a field blend of Cristalline, Madame Meuze, Farine France and 24/14.) Distilled from first press sugarcane juice and sugarcane syrup. Each is distilled separately, through a handmade copper pot still, fueled by the dry crushed sugar cane fiber. Bottled at 100 proof.

Clear, translucent crystal in the glass. Green banana, wasabi, with earthy notes of smoke and wet gravel on the nose. A rich texture on the palate with toasted white peppercorn, clove and green olive mignonette with underlying sweetness on the finish.

Every single sip of Saint Benevolence rum directly funds life-changing medical services and educational programs across the island nation of Haiti, delivered through long-standing relationships built over 15 years.