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Shop Our Store Picks!

Stellum Black Cask Strength Bourbon

by Barrell

Stellum Black Bourbon is the next step in Stellum Bourbon’s evolution. By incorporating reserve barrels from their stocks with the original Stellum Bourbon blend, they've created a bourbon that delivers robust flavor alongside profound complexity. Will be familiar to fans of Stellum, but with added depth. 

Aromas explode from the glass in waves and really never stop in their intensity. First out of the glass is flowery vanilla, followed by orange creamsicle, caramel corn, and mixed peppercorns. As it sits for a few minutes bright cedar emerges followed by smoldering oak. The palate opens with sweet orange that has been lightly charred. Leather and the floral vanilla from the nose come forward next and are followed by cardamom, cedar, and a hint of spicy nuts that recedes into a sweet cinnamon. The finish is chocolatey, with cedar and leather lurking behind. 54.67% abv.