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Supergay Vodka Set

Take pride in your beverage of choice with our Supergay Vodka Set! It's a little bit femme and a little bit butch, and these versatile vodkas are both totally organic and bottled without any added sugars - clean and smooth, they're born this way right from the still. And your vodka set is ready to mingle, top them off with your choice of Fever Tree Club Soda or Fever Tree Ginger Beer, keep it clean or get a little spicy - it's totally up to you.

Supergay Vodka is made from 100% organic corn grown in upstate New York, and born from the belief that craft spirits should have more fun. It is handcrafted in small batches and filtered through activated coconut charcoal to create a distinctive vodka that mixes perfectly in cocktails, and is equally delicious on the rocks. Tom of Finland Vodka celebrates the life and art of Touko Laaksonen, the world-famous artist known as Tom of Finland. Touko dreamed and drew his visionary style, becoming one of the most influential artists of the 20th century for his revolutionary representation of the male figure. This 100% organic vodka is crafted in Finland from the finest wheat, rye, and the purest arctic water. The taste is superbly smooth with a pleasurable tingle at the finish.

Set includes: Supergay Vodka (750 ml), Tom of Finland Vodka (750 ml), Fever Tree Club Soda (8 cans), Fever Tree Ginger Beer (8 cans)