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Sweet Gwendoline Dry French Gin

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This unique gin is named and designed in honor of the character of the same name created by beloved Fetish Artist John Willie, immortalized in the pages of Bizarre Magazine in the 1940's and 50's. Throughout the series, Gwendoline encounters role playing characters depicting an upstairs-downstairs type of domesticity: maids, drivers, the “Countess” and “Sir (dystic) d’Arcy.” Because of their dastardly plots to restrain her (very literally), the delightful but hapless whirlwind that is Sweet Gwendoline spends most of her time being rescued by her friend “Secret Agent U 69” having been caught in a pickle – again.

The gin itself is produced in the South of France, in the medieval town of Brive-la-Gaillarde. The commune added “Gaillarde,” a term for “bravery,” to its name in 1919, and a world war later, it was the first French city to liberate itself. Such a legacy informs the family-owned spirits house that is now entrusted with handcrafting Sweet Gwendoline French Gin in small-scale batches.

The gin is infused with Figue de Solliès, a variety of fig grown in the South of France. A sweet entry, it develops with juniper, pear, green apple, and pepper notes. French white wine provides a unique, round finish with hints of citrus. Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is delightful and bewitching in both our classic and new drink creations.