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Tariquet 12 Year Folle Blanche Cask Strength Bas Armagnac

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Domaine Tariquet is located in the esteemed Bas-Armagnac growing region, on an estate of 1,125 hectares that has been family-owned since 1912. All the wines and Armagnacs are produced exclusively from the family’s vineyards and are estate bottled. Only 100 ha of vineyards are dedicated to the production of Armagnac. Domaine Tariquet benefits from the mild influence of an oceanic climate. A strong temperature amplitude between summer days and nights produces ripe grapes full of freshness and fruit. A mosaic of soils with clay-limestone and “boulbène” (silica, clay, sand) enhanced by ochre-colored sand known as “sables fauves”, deep and draining, are perfect for white varietals.

This 12-year-old Armagnac is made from the beloved, notoriously difficult to work with Folle Blanche grape, which was once the primary grape used in Armagnac production until the phylloxera epidemic swept through Europe around the turn of the 20th century. These days Folle Blanche is a rarity, accounting for a mere 3% of vineyards in Gascony, yet is still arguably the most lauded for the quality of brandies it makes, which usually showcase high floral notes and a brighter, more assertive juicy fruit quality. Also in the great tradition of Armagnac, the entire line-up of Folle Blanche bottlings from Tariquet are now bottled at cask strength, which in the case of this 12 year is 48.2%.

The caramel aroma offers a whiff of fragrant violet. The drying palate echoes that subtle floral note but finishes with more confectionary flavors: caramel, brown sugar, maple and hazelnut richness, enlivened by bright orange peel.