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Ten To One Caribbean Dark Rum

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Ten To One is a range of Caribbean rums from Marc Farrell, born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, who was inspired to provide consumers with a window into a more contemporary view of the Caribbean and its celebratory culture. The range includes a white rum as well as a dark rum, both of which contain no added sugar, flavorings or colors.

The Dark is a blend of 8 Year Barbados, Dominican, and Trinidadian Column still rums, combined with a high ester Jamaican pot still rum and all finished together in ex-Bourbon barrels. The dark version of Ten To One tempers the hogo of the white rum, offering a very ripe, fruit-forward aroma redolent with banana, caramel, and a moderated sweetness. The palate follows suit, offering plenty of fruit in the form of banana, pineapple, and a surprisingly clear coconut character. Notes of graham crackers and a touch of spice emerge on the finish, giving it a festive composition, while lingering caramel notes endure on the back end. Hints of toasted coconut give the denouement further nuance.