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The Not Campari Set

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Getting that seven-year itch in your love affair with the Negroni? Drinkers switch up their gin and vermouth all the time, but many never think to change out their beloved Campari, which is a damn shame. While there is nothing wrong with Campari, there are so many other lovely, bracing, bitter liqueurs that can just as handily sitteth on the right hand of gin in the holy trinity that is the Negroni.

This set includes three of our favorites:

Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter Liqueur is a bit less aggressive than Campari, but certainly the most similar of the set. A beautiful orange presence throughout surrounds a lighter, but assertive bitterness, along with spicy and herbal notes that come through on the finish. An essential. (750 ml)

St. George's Bruto Americano lights your mouth up upon first taste, with big, bold gentian bitterness and dark, woody notes from Balsam Fir and California Buckthorn bark. There is also a very present orange, but it takes on a darker tone in the presence of so much brooding woodsiness. (750 ml)

Gran Classico Bitter is definitely on the softer side in terms of bitterness, and also tones down significantly the orange notes in favor of warm baking spices, making it seem almost tailor-made for a Boulevardier. (750 ml)