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The Spa Vodka Bundle

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Pour a glass, turn down the lights, and crank up the Enya with this vodka bundle. Infused with the most relaxing of flavors, you'll be soothed and refreshed sip after sip. All are perfect to enjoy chilled over ice, or perhaps topped off with your favorite sparkling water. St George California Citrus Vodka is beautifully aromatic and full of fresh citrus including Valencia oranges, Seville oranges, and bergamot from a family farm in the San Joaquin Valley, genuinely tasting of both sour and sweet orange. AMASS vodka celebrates the Nordic distilling tradition with meticulously distilled botanicals, for a light and elegant spirit that pays tribute to Copenhagen's long summer evenings with notes of bitter lemon, then dry summer, iced tea and wild flowers. Crop Harvest Earth Vodkas are organic and gluten free, and their cucumber bottling captures the essence of freshly sliced cucumbers, including garden-fresh aromas and subtle hints of spice on the palate.

Bundle includes: St George California Citrus Vodka (750 ml), Amass Copenhagen Vodka (750 ml), Crop Organic Cucumber Vodka (750 ml)