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Shop Our Store Picks!

Whiskey Highballer Kit


Though the whiskey highball is as old as seltzer itself, and could hardly be simpler in terms of ingredients, the Japanese managed to embrace it, elevate it, and perfect it in a way that has in recent years fascinated drinkers worldwide, particularly American cocktail enthusiasts. Inspired by this, Alameda's St. George distillery created their Baller whiskey with the explicit intention of using in the perfect Japanese style highball. The finishing in Umeshu plum liqueur barrels adds an extra layer of fruitiness to the already richly fruity malt, making a lush, sily, and divine highball with nothing but simple soda water and some good solid ice. 

Kit includes one 750 ml bottle of St. George Baller Whiskey, one 8-pack of Fever Tree Club Soda cans (each 150 ml), and a recipe card.