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Yebiga "PRVA" Rakija Serbian Plum Brandy

by Yebiga
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A great spirit can often define a place and become inseparable from its mythology, in Southeastern Europe that is rakija. It is a key ingredient in the fabric of life from childbirth, to weddings, to funerals…and everything in between. The most popular is made from plums and called “šljivovica”. PRVA is a textbook šljivovica, made in cooperation with one of Serbia’s premier families of distillation, that faithfully honors tradition with 100% natural ingredients: hand-picked first grade čačanska rodna plums and pure mountain spring water. Aged at the farm for a minimum of 18 months in local “quercus petraea” oak barrels.

Customarily enjoyed neat at room temperature, it carries a distinctive nose and character that is unlike anything else on the American bar shelf. Aromas of fresh pine and floral notes. Soft round plum fruit on the palate, spicy with a light body. Finish is long, with a hint of citrus and vanilla.