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Leopold Bros. - A cocktailer's dream distillery

Leopold Bros. Distillery


We’ve all got favorite bottles but Leopold is one of our favorite spirits brands. They span the gamut of whiskey, gin, and liqueurs, and yet despite their breadth of selection, each spirit maintains an exceptional amount of depth.  As much as they are all delightful sippers, they are really a bartender's best friend, adding complexity, balance, and most importantly deliciousness to every cocktail.

Leopold Bros. is a family owned and operated distillery in Denver, Colorado. They malt their barley, mill their grains, ferment their mash and distill everything onsite. They don’t add artificial ingredients and they barrel and bottle everything by hand. 

With an education in environmental engineering, these guys were pushing responsible farming and grain to glass 20 years ago when they were just starting out as brewers.

We stock the full Leopold Bros. range, but tomorrow night come and taste a few of their liqueurs and gin.

Leopold's American Small Batch Gin, $35.50

Most gins are made by simultaneously distilling juniper and other botanicals within the same still. However when boiled together, certain botanicals are overworked, resulting in the extraction of tannin-like flavors which dry out the gin, while other flavors are not fully realized. Leopold distills each botanical: juniper, coriander, pummelos, orris root, Valencia oranges, and more, separately to bring out only the purest flavors and aromas to be blended together for a softer and brighter spirit.

Leopold's Summer Gin 2017 (Limited May-August release), $28.50

This bright, citrus-forward, vibrant gin truly captures the Summer season.  By individually distilling the juniper berries, coriander, blood orange, lemon myrtle leaf, and Helichrysum angustifolium (known as 'Immortal Flower'), they are able to highlight the truest expression of each ingredient, before blending it into the perfect spirit for a Tom Collins or Gimlet.​

Leopold Bros. New York Sour Apple Liqueur, $31.50

Created from a blend of apples from the state of New York, they mix these apples with cane sugar and naturally produced lactic acid, which adds a refreshing tartness to the to the finish of this liqueur. It's ideal for when acidity is needed, but not citrus in a cocktail. Nicely paired with vodka, and it blends perfectly with any sherry cocktail. 

Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur, $35.50

Created from one-of-a-kind Montmorency cherries, Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur brings something new to classic cocktails like Manhattans, Singapore Slings, and Gin & Tonics. While most cherries are categorized as sweet or tart, Montmorency cherries maintain a unique balance between the two flavors that is not found in any other varietal. The result is a versatile liqueur with exceptional flavor in both cocktails and cooking.

Leopold Bros. American Orange Liqueur, $31.50

Leopold steeps Curaçao and Bergamot oranges in spirit, then carefully distills the oranges in a forty gallon still, separating the clean citrus aromas from the bitterness that is inherent in the citrus pith. The resulting distillate rests in glass carboys, which softens the flavors and relaxes the mouthfeel. The liqueur is then sweetened with agave, but remains drier than other orange liqueurs. The Belgian candy sugar gives it a bit of a lasting confectioner’s finish. Great with whiskey, tequila, fernet, gin, and more.

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