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  • Spritzes & Fizzes & Highballs, Oh, My!
    June 13, 2018 Patrick Smith

    Spritzes & Fizzes & Highballs, Oh, My!

    While a stiff drink never goes out of style, in the summer heat it’s hard to beat something refreshing, something bubbly enough to tickle your tongue as well as it tickles your fancy. Enter our three summertime players: the Spritz, the Fizz, and the Highball. 
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  • Your New Summer Fling: The Aperitivo
    June 13, 2018 Mish Sukharev

    Your New Summer Fling: The Aperitivo

    If there’s just one tradition we could transplant from Italy to this side of the Atlantic, it very well might be the Aperitivo Hour. Here, on our side of the globe we’ve inherited the decidedly more New World-style, Happy Hour. And don’t get us wrong, Happy Hours are great - but Aperitivo Hours are just something different - more relaxed, more convivial, more joyful. Who can say no to a late afternoon in the sun, enjoying a glass of something light, delicious and refreshing?
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  • Bitter: About Campari
    June 6, 2018 Mish Sukharev

    Bitter: About Campari

    Bitter is decidedly not vanilla. And while my cocktail may not be your cocktail, I think we all have it in us to be just a little bit seduced by the mixing rule of Bitter, Sweet and Spirited. Here, in the US, bitter has often been given a bad reputation - that flavor that you really shouldn’t be tasting. But if it is wrong - why does so much of the world enjoy bitter flavors so freely, openly and passionately? 
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  • Roots and Herbs of Cocktails
    April 18, 2018 Mish Sukharev

    Roots and Herbs of Cocktails

    Spirits, for the most part, are a vegetarian endeavor. Most of us are familiar at least a little with the grains, fruits and cultivated plants that produce our favorite bottles. Grapes for cognac, corn for bourbon, agave for tequila and mezcal and so on - but in this post we want to dig a little deeper and unearth a few plants (and their respective bottles) that happen to be an evergreen part of any well cultivated bar. 
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  • January 24, 2018 Mish Sukharev

    The Laura Palmer, A Damn Good Cocktail

    New York has The Manhattan, New Orleans The Sazerac, and if Twin Peaks were a real place, it would claim The Laura Palmer as its own. As I read the description, I had no idea where this cocktail would lead me, but I had a feeling it would be a place both wonderful and strange. Dreamed up by Charles Russo for Blackbird (not the Black Lodge, but an excellent San Francisco bar with a definite lodge feel), The Laura Palmer, just like the eponymous character, was taken from us way too soon… though this time simply due to a menu change. 
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  • January 24, 2018 Patrick Smith

    A cocktail for when someone tells you not to touch something, and all you can do is touch it

    The Daiquiri. Rum, lime, sugar. One of the simplest, most elegant, basically perfect cocktails, deserving an elevated position in the pantheon of classics alongside the Martini and the Manhattan. It's a bartender's favorite, and Cuba's greatest, most influential contribution to the drinking world. A drink like the Daiquiri, the Manhattan, or the Martini needs no serious alteration, tweaking, or updating. We should theoretically be able to live the rest of our lives endlessly quaffing these simple delights with unceasing joy, in their classic form. But alas, we are a broken people.
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  • January 22, 2018 Meredith Lantz

    Sipping Gin and Drier Amaro made by the Bay's OG in craft distilling

    Farid is one of the Bay Areas's original distillers, and he started doing small batch gin before those terms were ever even strung together in a sentence.  His gin is produced in batches with fewer than 300 at his Falcon Spirits distillery in Richmond California. From start to finish the production take a month, during which he actually uses a proprietary method of vapor infusion as he produces his gin.  That method helps capture aromas with the least amount of impurity.  The 100% grain spirit is six times distilled and carbon filtered, which creates a lighter bodied, very botanically balanced sipper.
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  • January 22, 2018 Meredith Lantz

    Apple's Newest Release: Picking the fairest of them all

    Apple x Bitters + Bottles, sounds like a limited edition iPhone, but it's better. It is just as buzz-worthy, intoxicating, also comes wrapped in glass, and shows you have just as much taste.  
    Make the call, and pick one of our curated Apple products today!  They get picked off a line of trees, no need to wait in line for a spending spree.
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