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New 13 Year Bourbon, With A Special Finish: Joseph Magnus 13.5 Year

New 13 Year Bourbon, With A Special Finish: Joseph Magnus 13.5 Year

A very special and limited private barrel selection made in collaboration with our Joseph Magnus friends. A Bitters & Bottles hand selected 13 year Indiana distilled bourbon was finished in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks to achieve an incredibly lush and layered whiskey. Only 125 bottles of this elegant bourbon were bottled at a cask strength ABV of 52%.

The initial sensation is a soft dash of sweet fuzzy fruits, apricots and strawberries skirting by. Then a rush of flavor zooms out, a drizzle of viscous caramel, bubbly brown sugar, oak, a cascade of spice, and that lovely rich sherry present themselves like they can't wait to meet you, and once they've joined the party they decide to linger for ages. The spirit opens up with caramelized orange peel, barrel char, prune, and toasted almonds. The PX barrel influence shifts into a cloud of aromas sitting above your tongue, content to waft around into your nose and throat, while the years in oak pull away the sweetness, scattering little bits of sawdust and pepper behind.

This particular bourbon and the PX finish are a match made in heaven, with the sherry brightening up all the wood spice and caramel. Sips beautifully at cask strength, and try with a splash of water or ice cube, the dilution works to soften up the spice and brings out hints of fresh berry pie. 


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